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Zombie Apocalypse Live Tickets


  • Rise up my money hungry minions! House of Torment is hosting auditions for the 2014 season. Stop by the haunt today at noon (523 E Highland Mall Blvd.), ready to scare. Leave your costumes at home but bring your close-toed shoes–the zombies have a special affinity for toes.

  • The time has come minions! The undead horde is getting restless and they are hungry for YOU!

    It's up to you whether or not humankind has a chance of survival. Will you make every shot count? Will you make it out alive?

    There's only one way to find out! Get your tickets and prepare for the end of the world:

  • Tomorrow, your mission to exterminate all zombies on behalf Hades Corp. begins...but can you trust everything they're telling you? Another organization known as Wormwood is speaking out against Hades and protesting their zombie elimination methods. Sometimes things aren't what they seem...Are you ready to do whatever it takes to save humanity?

    Get your tickets for Zombie Apocalypse Live! now. Space is limited:

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