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 Zombie Apocalypse Live


523 E Highland Mall Blvd Austin, TX 78752

House of Torment is in the same location at Highland Mall in the north east corner across the street from the sailboat shop.


  • It's all about the Benjamins, minions. We're hiring 2014 season actors and tomorrow's your chance to prove you've got the skills to scare.

    Head to Highland Mall at 5pm Wednesday in plain clothes and close-toed shoes to show your stuff to our staff. If they like what you got, you'll be invited to work our 2014 season.

    Good luck, or rather, good riddance.

  • This is it! It's your last chance to save humankind from the hordes of evil undead. There are still tickets available, so get them before it's too late! And remember: AIM FOR THE HEAD!

    Zombie Apocalypse Live 2014 | The House of Torment Haunted House – Austin, Texas
    “It’s early morning, a shattering window breaks the silence followed by an eruption of gunfire. You run to the front door and rip it open! The zombie Apocalypse is happening, are you ready? Preparation is the key to survival. Come train with the elite forces of the Hades Corporation and hone the ski…
  • Rise up my money hungry minions! House of Torment is hosting auditions for the 2014 season. Stop by the haunt today at noon (523 E Highland Mall Blvd.), ready to scare. Leave your costumes at home but bring your close-toed shoes–the zombies have a special affinity for toes.

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